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Water Jet Cutting Services

Waterject Cutting
Waterjet cutting is an amazing technology. By utilizing some Earth's most common resources, water and stone, we are able to cut to 8'' (200mm).
Modern developments in waterjet cutting technology, software, and the machines that drives them has made waterjet cutting the fastest growing machine tool industry on Earth. This is largely due to the fact that waterjet is by far the most versatile cutting process, and with the latest developments has now become very economical.
Add to this its simplicity, reliability, and environmental credentials, it is no wonder waterjet is rapidly becoming the cutting process of choice throughout most industries.
Poweful - Capable of cutting up to 300mm Titanium
Highly Versatile - Capable of cutting Stainless Steel, Glass, Marble, Rubber, Inconel and Titanium, just to name a few
No Heat Affected Zone - No hardened effect after cutting

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